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Meet Michelle…

Who is michelle?

There’s certainly no shortage of business “gurus” vying for your attention… promising dollars while you sleep, full stadiums, systems that change your world, money due to your new celebrity (which they’ll help you create), blueprints that deliver miracles, inner circles, masterminds, mentorships, even licensed businesses in a box. Just thinking of all of the options leaves your head spinning… and MOST of them leave you broke and bummed…. not headed to the bank!

b. michelle pippin believes (and proves) that business success is more strategy than secret… something that can be taught and learned… by any business owner in any industry.  Appalled by “business as usual”,  she’s never paid for advertising, media outreach or networking opportunities. There’s no proprietary, acronym-named system she wants you to follow. She promises that there’s no bright shiny object you need to incorporate into your already busier-than-you-ever-imagined day in order to create success. Instead, she simply offers common-sense strategies that make sense… regardless of how blatantly it flies in the face of what else you’ve been told.

Learn more about Michelle here:  http://www.bmichellepippin.com/about/