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Woman Who Wows: Amy Cosper


Amy Cosper is the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. She has been described as fun,  quirky, surprising and uber-authentic.  Always impressively authentic. And ballsy.  Whether she’s riding a four-wheeler, her  new Ducati, or perhaps a horse, I have a feeling this girl’s ALWAYS in control.  And always ready to go a BIT further than the day before.  Since she took over as the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, the Editor’s Note has — consistently — been one of my favorite parts of the magazine.  This Woman Who WOWs is inspiring — and equipping — entrepreneurs all over the world and is definitely one to watch! Reach out to her on twitter at @EntMagazineAmy.

What ONE THING do you think gives a woman the “WOW” factor?

 Self confidence and grace (ok, that’s 2, but they sort of go together)

What three female celebrities do you think we could learn from – and what ONE sentence lesson do they teach us?

Margaret Thatcher – grace, dignity, strength
Betty White – Self awareness
Angelina Jolie – wanderlust

What is the most important lesson you learned from YOUR Mom?

Don’t let ambition turn you into an asshole.

If women could instantly emulate ONE trait, habit or skill set that YOU possess, which trait, habit or skill set should it be?


What ONE success tip or strategy can you leave us with?

Know thyself, be present in the moment and let yourself make mistakes.