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Woman Who WOWS: Mara Glazer

Mara Glazer is a world-reknown business expert, daughter, friend and mentor. She's open, brilliant, daring, and hard-working. A woman who WOWS? Most certainly. I'm thrilled to introduce her to you here, but urge you to go over to her site www.thebizzybuzz.com and check out all she has to offer you there as well!

Meet Mara!

What ONE THING do you think gives a woman the "WOW" factor?

The ONE THING that I think gives a woman the "WOW" factor, is her ability to connect with others. Everybody on this planet has different triggers that when stimulated make them feel a connection with another human. Having that ability to figure out those triggers is a skill not many people possess, and if you can pinpoint how exactly to make that connection and make someone feel special, you will WOW them.

What three female celebrities do you think we could learn from – and what ONE sentence lesson do they teach us?

Ivanka Trump – Regardless of where you come from, life should never be handed to you on a silver platter. Word Hard, (blood, sweat, and tears baby!), and the rewards will pay off handsomely.

Oprah – Life is a lesson and we need to open our eyes, look around us, and take it all in.

Brittany Spears – When you fall down, pick yourself up, brush the dirt off, and keep moving forward.

What is the most important lesson you learned from YOUR Mom?

My mother is one of the kindest women I know and she would do anything for anybody. My mother has taught me generosity and to give whether those around us need a helping hand or if it's just to put a smile on someones face. I have seen her go above an beyond to lend a helping hand, and I try to honor her teachings and spread generosity when I can.

If women could instantly emulate ONE trait, habit or skill set that YOU possess, which trait, habit or skill set should it be?

I am an implementor. I get a lot done and I get it done fast. A lot of business owners (both men and women) are lazy. They like to procrastinate and push work off for when they feel like doing it. Work doesn't do itself. Procrastination is self-sabatogaging, and if more women moved on and transitioned into becoming implementors, I believe our power level as women would immediately rise. With action comes reaction. Create a great plan and act on it.

What ONE success tip or strategy can you leave us with?

"Work Hard, Try to Be a Good Person, and Contribute to the World" I found that when I started living by that mantra, everything began lining up for me in both my personal and professional life and I started seeing the success that I had desired.