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Woman Who Wows: Naoma Doriguzzi

Naoma Doriguzzi: Mother, social media expert, video whiz, secret weapon for many politicians, graceful divorcee, and — of course — a woman who WOWS!

What ONE THING do you think gives a woman the "WOW" factor?

Being a mom! I never knew how much being a mom can change my life! And now I know and really admire all mothers, because it really is the hardest but most rewarding thing I have accomplished. It gives you a whole new perspective on life and what really matters most.

What three female celebrities do you think we could learn from – and what ONE sentence lesson do they teach us?




What is the most important lesson you learned from YOUR Mom?

Hard work! My mom raised 7 children all while having an in home daycare..She still managed to wake up every morning and exercise before everyone else woke up, take care of us and run a business.

If women could instantly emulate ONE trait, habit or skill set that YOU possess, which trait, habit or skill set should it be?

I have a weakness for volunteering and helping non profits. I love helping people and even if i don't have much to give I can always give my time and support to help a great cause or effort. I often even bring my children with me to fundraisers and events and am surprised at how much it has already carried over to them and their willingness to serve others and keep giving.

What ONE success tip or strategy can you leave us with?

Don't worry about what anyone else is doing. I worry about what is best for my family and what i am doing. I know there are competitors and people that want to try and discourage me, but all I really care about is how will this effect my family. I go at my own pace and if I have to turn down opportunities or sacrifice jobs to spend more time with my family that is ok with me. I want to always be known for being a good mother. That to me is the greatest success!